The Bacon

Dubstep is probably the most underground inception since the subway, except with more grime. With artist names like Scrillex, Mord Fustang, and Zed’s Dead you know its gotta be funky, fresh and crispy. Dubstep is the bacon of today’s counterculture sandwich… And here in New York, we like our bacon. The genre fuses many types of music together creating a final product that will make you shit vomit, eat shit, and love it. It unites wearers of black, lovers of synthetic noise, super fresh sneakerheads, and those who don’t like haircuts all under one tree, the Dub tree. Still, I can see how Dubstep isn’t for everyone. So if your afraid of tap water, then this isn’t for you. If your too attached to the present to see the future, then this isn’t for you either. Proceed with caution when entering the molding, filthy basement of underground sound.

The Krillionaires- Kings of Kings County

The Krillionaires, straight outta Brooklyn, here to put NYC Dubstep on the map! The group features the beats of producer Philly Blunts, with the beatboxing styles of BeatsMyth and rap by Hanan Minra. If the bass doesn't slap you, one of them will be glad to!


It’s not Misogyny, It’s Just Biology

Ladies, I know in each of our minds we are the most beautiful woman in the world. Any normal woman puts herself on a pedestal of self respect, and wants a man who will be nothing less than a prince to her. Women are convinced that there are these super perfect, suave, kind, sweet and mature men out there waiting to be found. As I grew up and out of my extremely romantic and idealistic mindset, I realized these kind of men are out there…with other men. Yes ladies our idea of a perfect man describes a faggot ( i love gays, but i love this word, is there a problem?) No real man really likes to drink wine, take walks on the beach, go shopping or watch overly emotional movies…and if you’re nodding your head and thinking well, my guy does this, then thank him. He is consciously sacrificing a tiny bit of his manliness to do these things for you, just to make you happy. ( he is special) And if these things actually do make him happy then, observe if he comes from a very traditional or religious household possibly headed by a veteran who served in ‘Nam. The point is…men will be manly, and even though you enjoy that about him, true manliness comes with some baggage.

Men, are not all created equal, and they all fall somewhere in between extra manly and super gay. It all depends on what you like…Me? I prefer a nice balance, just like everything else in my life. Super gay guys, you will never have to worry about their wandering eye…and the uber manly well they’ll fuck anything that moves. A nice balance is always best, but even well-balanced, grounded, morally sound and honest men will have a tendency to check out other girls. Just be thankful that’s ALL he’ s doing.

It’s time women accept it, men are biologically programmed to pollinate as many flowers as possible. But the domestication of neanderthals to homo sapien spaiens (not a mistake, google it) has brought about the concept of marriage. Marriage has done a lot for mankind. If it wasn’t for marriage it may be argued that Thomas Edison may have been too busy trying to get laid rather than inventing the light bulb. Or maybe slavery would still be around, because instead of worrying about the state of the nation, Abe Lincoln would have been focused on the state of his cock. (I said cock, sue me)It comes down to the fact that, men need a woman….one woman, but they like to look at all women.

Women don’t share this quality…I recently read in a Cosmo (not the best source, I know) that men are more task oriented, while a woman , if she has a significant other, will have her relationship at the top of her list of priorities. So while men think it’s totally normal to check out other women ALL the time, women find it repulsive, agitating and pig-like. I’m not giving men the green light to be dogs about it, but i do recognize that they hardly have any control over it. Women, if in a relationship that they care for, will hardly check out other men ever, not even by accident.

So lady’s I think its time to flip the tables. It’s time to stop feeling inadequate and sorry for yourselves. Stop getting spray tanned twice a week to fix your self esteem. Stop putting on pounds and pounds of makeup and hairspray. I mean, don’t completely stop, just stop going overboard because you think you’re not enough for your guy. Instead, make him feel how you do. If your man thinks its okay for him to check out every girl that walks by, even when your with him, well then why shouldn’t you check out every tall handsome buff guy too? Trust me it will make you feel better, and instead of hours of self loathing just watch a chick flick with someone sexy in it like George Clooney or Leo DiCapprio. Or better yet, watch sports games! ( I would suggest soccer) And when you catch a cute guy from the corner of your eye walking down the street, give him the up and down (preferably with shades on) And go ahead and think he’s cute, and don’t feel guilty…not one little bit.

And this doesn’t just apply to the casual oogling that you detest when its the wrong tide or moon phase. This can apply to EVERYTHING that your man claims its okay for him to do. Things that if you did, you wouldn’t even enjoy, that you would feel guilty for. But hey, men rule the world and it would be wrong to feel badly about doing things that are alright in the man’s rulebook. If he thinks its ok to casually talk to other girls, that you don’t know, when you’re not around, then hey do the same thing back (but with a guy, or else there’s no point really). If he thinks its ok to go to wild mating ritual type parties without you, then you should attend a few yourself, and get drunk and be HAPPY about it. Whatever he does, assume the same activities and don’t feel even an ounce of guilt for it, because hey rules are rules. But if your man is serious about you, and you him, then it should never reach this point. If done right though, under limitation, this turning of the tables can be very comedious in retrospect, because as women start to act like men, men start to act A LOT like women. Make them feel how you do, that’s the whole point.

Neckface x Altamont Collaboration

Underground urban artist Neckface teams up with street wear company Altamont to bring this exclusive Spring 2011 look. The capsule collection features a hockey jersey, jacket, overhead hat (seen above) and a T-shirt (seen below). The first time I had heard of Neckface was about 5 years ago, when a friend of mine from TriBeca showed me that some “asshole” had wrote the word “Neckface” all over her fucking building. I wouldn’t have guessed that I would see the same grungy, raw, and sleek tag on clothing and accessories one day.  I wonder what Neckface will put his mark on next?!

I Need A Dub[Step]

My entire life has merely been a prelude to this wonderful moment. [DUBSTEP]  I think I have been looking for this kinda music my whole life. [INSERT DUBSTEP]





[DUBSTEP] is a time warp into the future. [DUBSTEP] is being sent to Earth via satellites from Mars. Get blown…

To Each His Own, but, THIS IS IT MAN

Throughout life, we experience a series of  “forks in the road.” At these points in time we are forced to decide between two opposing choices. Like whether to pursue medicine like your family says or find your own passion and career. (With one your life is being dictated with the other you have complete control) Like whether or not you turn down drugs because of the bombarding  drug prevention campaigns…Like the Robert Frost poem with “the one less traveled by…” I believe I have come to one of those points in my life again. This was unexpected, but I find that, at this age you have the choice to morph into two kinds of people:

The person who hoards a collection of useless knowledge through the years of college and then Graduate school,and relies solely on the credentials of his or her academic accomplishments to carry them through life; And you know, it works for ALOT of people. Still, I can not imagine a life where I am so tied down to a educational schedule, to later be tied down to a strict work schedule and haunted incessantly by loans which I borrowed to enable all this. On the other hand, you can be a true maverick setting your own goals, going to a school (if you choose) that caters to your needs for a change, and deciding all on your own every turn because there are no roads where your headed.

Analyzing the occupational markets of the United States has left me no faith in the American education system and has further aggravated the sore spot left in my mind by the American culture. Still, it is drilled in our minds that we will not succeed in life unless we go to a college whose yearly tuition resembles the price of a brand new BMW. I applaud the masterminds that have allowed for this to become the norm. Makes it easy to forget that some of America’s wealthiest citizens probably failed their SAT’s. But I can not let my peers keep thinking like this! These cop out careers may offer a great deal of security, and well…security, if your willing to watch your life slip through your fingers and right into the 401k system.

It all depends though, on who you are. Some people (believe it or not) actually like being told what to do, and as a matter of fact wouldn’t know what to do if not told…But if your not one of these people, save yourself the midlife crisis and give it some real thought. It won’t be easy to dig deep inside yourself and examine your very core, your soul and the essence of your being to find the right path. It’s not easy. One day far, far into your future your parents, your aunts and uncles, your teachers, your academic advisers, and almost every adult you’ve ever met will be dead or senile. You certainly should not make life decisions based on the wants of any of these people.

It’s strictly a matter of balls and brains. I can’t tell you what to do, I can only tell you what I think. Now it’s your turn to think…Just how seriously do you take your life anyhow?

“I don’t take my life seriously, but I do take what I do – in my life – seriously -” — Audrey Hepburn

DOPE. ‘Nuff sed….

I just wanted to illuminate the minds, eyes and ears of the world to the new sound coming right out of the New York powerhouse of music, Brooklyn Stand Up!!… This mixtape is the best thing no one knows about. His sound is a fusion of tastes, and cultures all cut with that NYC attitude that we  hate so lovingly. Real fresh lyrics and hardcore dope beats, it’s time to indulge yourself….  😉

The stress, sweat and capital that went into this mixtape (sounds like an album) was unimaginable. The money spent on studio time and buddha…is a number I’m happy we’ve all forgot. It was all worth it in the end, to have that satisfaction only an underdog like Mic Galper can grant you. Support the cause and show some love!!!!