The Bacon

Dubstep is probably the most underground inception since the subway, except with more grime. With artist names like Scrillex, Mord Fustang, and Zed’s Dead you know its gotta be funky, fresh and crispy. Dubstep is the bacon of today’s counterculture sandwich… And here in New York, we like our bacon. The genre fuses many types of music together creating a final product that will make you shit vomit, eat shit, and love it. It unites wearers of black, lovers of synthetic noise, super fresh sneakerheads, and those who don’t like haircuts all under one tree, the Dub tree. Still, I can see how Dubstep isn’t for everyone. So if your afraid of tap water, then this isn’t for you. If your too attached to the present to see the future, then this isn’t for you either. Proceed with caution when entering the molding, filthy basement of underground sound.

The Krillionaires- Kings of Kings County

The Krillionaires, straight outta Brooklyn, here to put NYC Dubstep on the map! The group features the beats of producer Philly Blunts, with the beatboxing styles of BeatsMyth and rap by Hanan Minra. If the bass doesn't slap you, one of them will be glad to!