Neckface x Altamont Collaboration

Underground urban artist Neckface teams up with street wear company Altamont to bring this exclusive Spring 2011 look. The capsule collection features a hockey jersey, jacket, overhead hat (seen above) and a T-shirt (seen below). The first time I had heard of Neckface was about 5 years ago, when a friend of mine from TriBeca showed me that some “asshole” had wrote the word “Neckface” all over her fucking building. I wouldn’t have guessed that I would see the same grungy, raw, and sleek tag on clothing and accessories one day.  I wonder what Neckface will put his mark on next?!


I Got it From My Momma!

Yes, I did I got it from my momma but it’s mine now. She wasn’t making any use of it anyway…Member’s Only! What is Member’s Only? Even though it very well sounds like one, no it’s not some kind of high profile club for people with dicks…(don’t worry boys, they make men’s clothes too) Member’s Only was only all the rage in 80’s,  ask your parents they were there. I mean my mom was an immigrant from India. I can hardly imagine her being fashionable and trendy, and even SHE had one. And now its mine. I worn it around for years now,  feeling good about being the only member. I like finding pieces that no one else can possibly have…I refuse to be another H&M mannequin walking the streets of NY. The sidewalks of New York have this funny way of looking like a catwalk, and all the models look to be dressed by the same designer; The designer called MAINSTREAM AT THE MOMENT! Still, I can’t hate. In the city I definitely double take a lot at the fashion outcasts I see. And I say outcast, yet I mean that they are so off trend that little do they know, they might be starting a new one…With fashion you gotta trust your gut. Either it looks good, or it doesn’t. I guess that’s just a sixth sense only some have, kind of like being able to smell skeeviness. I remember when skinny jeans were slowly replacing flare…girls were very iffy about the switch but I was sure skinny’s were here to say (how else can you flash a fabulous pair of boots in the winter?!)I got myself a pair as soon as I seen them, but I saw girls still clinging to their flares for more than a year, still unsure if this was a trend here to stay or not. I’ll save the fashion rant for another time….Back to Member’s Only. The dim lighting and dustiness of my attic hardly added any glamour to the well sewn,  eggshell white, polyester lined, bomber style jacket, but my fashion senses were tingling, so I took it. I put it on and the tingling erupted into a full blown orgasm…and that’s how I knew Member’s Only was special. “When you put it on something happens…” was the famous phrase.I don’t even mind responding to “Member’s Only? You must be the only member?”, every time I wear it. I just laugh to myself and think, “yea…and you’ll never be a memeber!” …I became so deeply infatuated with my Member’s Only jacket, that I bought another one when I seen it to my surprise at a department store. Curious about their reappearance, I did some research only to find that I’m NOT the only member. The brand is trying to reinstate the jacket as a fashion icon, and has recently launched a come-back!! Rihanna, Fergie, JLo, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens,  Mariah Carey and many others all decided to join my club! I guess they saw me walking to Stuyvesant on a Manhattan morning and decided to jock my style…I ain’t mad at em. As for the rest of you, I highly suggest you start rummaging around your parents’ old storage. Trust your gut, you never know what you’ll find…